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Modern front doors can transform your home and drastically boost its curb appeal. Compared to other home renovations, front doors are generally budget-friendly, quick projects that offer significant results. The modern door has been in high demand for decades, but plenty of other trends have emerged.

Contrary to popular belief, modern front doors can accent various stylized homes as long as color and glass lite patterns match the rest of the house. So yes, even farmhouse designs can benefit from adding a new, modern front door.

Everything You Need to Know About Modern Front Doors

The Benefits of a Modern Front Doors

Besides enhanced aesthetics, a modern front door’s main benefit is improving the overall look of otherwise outdated architecture. The front door is a wonderful place to start if you have an older home that feels impossible to upgrade without breaking the bank.

The first thing people notice when driving by your home, or walking up to your doorway, is your doors and windows. By focusing on these areas, you can entirely transform your home’s appearance. Buyers are drawn to the mix of a home’s old-school character and modern accents that increase functionality. This is important to note, especially for homeowners looking to sell their property one day.

Here are some additional benefits of modern door renovations:

Things to Consider When Designing Your Front Door

1) Color

The color of your front door plays a significant role in your design. Many architects and designers will use black doors to enhance the modernist look. Consider different shades of grey if black is a major contrast for your home. These bold yet neutral tones are flattering on front doors of all kinds. In some cases, homes can benefit from a vibrant pop of color, such as red. However, it greatly depends on the style and age of your home.

2) Style

Your door style is essential to make your house appear less outdated. Larger glass inserts provide a clean and light feel to the design. Clear unobstructed glass is typically a better choice to achieve a modern look. Stained glass is no longer popular or considered in style. While this feature creates a modern look and brings in natural light, the choice of glass depending on the front door exposure is vital.

Front doors facing southern and eastern exposure will need the latest low emissivity coating technology, such as Low-E 366. This can block up to 95% of the sun’s damaging rays while providing clarity. To minimize heat loss, the glass unit must have the highest possible energy rating in colder climates.

By collaborating with an industry expert, you’ll be able to make a proper decision for your home and climate. It’s just as important to prioritize temperature regulation and safety as visual design.


When it comes to material selection, flat finish steel doors have become the material for a modern front door look. Fiberglass doors are also popular, but their typical “fake” grain look is more appropriate for a traditional style of architecture.

Another option that should be considered is a painted rather than stained wood finish to achieve the desired look. Wooden doors can allow for various unique asymmetrical geometric features that are sought after for modern doors today.

The Timeline of a Front Door Renovation

Contrary to other renovations, front door remodels are relatively straightforward from concept to execution. Once you discuss the design details with your contractor, the installation timeline usually takes a few hours. Depending on your door size, this can fluctuate, but it is typically a one-day job. This is appealing to homeowners that want a property advancement with minimal downtime. The main things to prioritize for your front door are energy efficiency, added security, durability, and weather-resistant design.

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