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Your Guide to Hybrid Aluminum-Clad Windows

When renovating your home, you’ll have many Window and Door Styles and Materials to choose from Wood replacement windows, PVC doors and windows, and the often overlooked hybrid Aluminum Clad windows.

In this article, we’ll be looking at hybrid Aluminum Clad windows and their advantages.

What is a hybrid window?

As the word “hybrid” implies, a hybrid window has two or more material types. The main Body of the Replacement Hybrid Window may be PVC or Wood. At the same time, the products’ exterior may be covered in Aluminum or other material that is more resistant to the elements. The idea is to offer a Window or A door that will provide the best of what each material offers. For example, Aluminum Clad Wood Windows offer the warmth and the advantages of a Wood Window on the home’s interior and the Durability of Aluminum on the Exterior. Aluminum Clad PVC Windows give you the Durability of Aluminum on the outside and the maintenance-free advantages of PVC on the inside.

Why do you need hybrid windows?

Alright, we now know what a hybrid window is, but what’s the point of it? How is a hybrid window better than a standard wood window?

Well, to put it simply, a hybrid window is designed to give you “the best of both worlds.” The idea here is to harness the benefits of both the internal frame material and the sturdy external Aluminum.

To better understand why hybrid windows are so popular, we need to understand the disadvantages of wood and PVC as sole frame materials. We’ll also look at how hybrid windows work to correct those disadvantages below.

1) Wood frames are pricey:

While wooden window frames add a vintage air of elegance to the home, they can leave a sizable dent in your wallet. While some wood frames are more affordable, the fancier the wood (oak or Sapele), the more expensive it is.

2) Wood frames get warped in extreme weather:

Wood frames are wrong if you live in an area with brutal winters or sweltering summers since the extreme temperature will cause the wood to contract/expand.

3) Wood needs more maintenance:

While wood windows are stylish, they’re also more susceptible to the weather. Wood frames must be lacquered and treated, so they don’t rot or develop mold or mildew due to rainy weather.

4) PVC is not as elegant:

While vinyl has many customization options, it can never replicate the elegance of wood frames, unfortunately.

5) PVC windows are less durable than Aluminum:

This is not to say that vinyl is not good material. It is. But nothing can be as durable or strong as an aluminum (or aluminum-clad frame).

While the above are some significant disadvantages for PVC and wood window frames, we must remember these materials also have a lot of benefits. Those benefits are kept with a hybrid window while stripping away the disadvantages.

The benefits of hybrid windows

Hopefully, you now have a slightly better understanding of what goes inside the hybrid window. With an internal frame made of wood, or more commonly PVC, a hybrid window is:

In other words, you’ve got the core of a great window. Let us now focus on aluminum cladding and why it is superior in many ways.

  1. An aluminum-clad hybrid window has a more modern aesthetic.

Sure, it’s not the classy old-school look of a wooden window. But neither is it the somewhat familiar look of a PVC window. There’s something edgy and modernist about an aluminum-clad window.

Especially if you’re designing a home with a low-key, minimalist, techy vibe, an aluminum-clad window is what you should be going for.

  1. The durability is second to none.

As we saw earlier, all raw materials for window frames are typically sturdy. But there’s none sturdier than a window coated in Aluminum. The metal will make your windows more durable and resistant to impact than any other material could.

  1. Aluminum is low-maintenance.

While harnessing the integrity of wood or vinyl, hybrid windows present none of the drawbacks of these raw materials. With aluminum-clad frames, there’s no need for special coating, lacquers, or other durability treatments.

An aluminum window coating is designed to last long, with minimal effort. All you need is a cloth and maybe a particular metal-cleaning solution.

Tip: Also, Aluminum is preferable to PVC when gathering dirt, stains, and so on. While even suitable PVC will eventually start to look dirty, Aluminum will maintain its finish.

  1. Aluminum-clad windows finish lasts longer.

The excellent news about hybrid windows is that they’ll maintain their finish and resists element for many years with minimal maintenance.

  1. A hybrid window is an excellent thermal insulator.

Aluminum is not an excellent thermal insulator, while wood and PV are. A hybrid replacement window offers the best of both worlds offering all the advantages Aluminum provides and all those PVC or Wood offers. 

Hybrid windows – are they right for you?

Hybrid windows are an excellent choice for people who want:

All things considered, the traditional hybrid window is a compromise between Aluminum’s durability and structural integrity and the thermal efficiency of PVC and Wood.

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