Aluminum Windows

Aluminum Windows and Doors have been around for decades. They are used in every climate in Residential and Commercial Applications. They are reliable and offer homeowners unique features and benefits. Here are the top 6 Benefits of Aluminum Windows:

1. Strength and Durability

Aluminum is naturally solid and Light Weight. This means that the windows can withstand the weight of Large Glass Areas compared to PVC, Wood, or other materials.

To the homeowner, Aluminum Windows offer contemporary-style windows with Slim Frames and Large Glass areas that let in maximum light.

2. Powder Coated or Anodized Finishes

Aluminum Windows and Doors are either Powder Coated or Anodized. This coloring process provides aluminum windows with Long Lasting and resilient finishes that can last decades compared to Foils or Paints on PVC Windows. There are hundreds of possible Powder Coated and Anodized colors available on the market to match any taste.

However, custom or Special order colors will cost a premium as suppliers require minimum order quantities. Modern Aluminum finishes help make Aluminum Windows corrosion-resistant.

3. Slim and Less Bulky Contemporary Frames and Sashes

Aluminum Window and Door profiles are typically less bulky and allow for more Visible Glass areas. These minimalist frames and sashes remain very strong and are aesthetically very appealing. Aluminum Windows are often used in Modern and contemporary homes and condominiums.

They are also often used in High Wind areas or Areas affected by Hurricanes. They achieve high design pressure resistance while providing the Maximum glass area.

4. High U-Factors – and Energy Efficiency Performance

Aluminum window and door profiles are Thermally Broken, which means they are made up of 2 parts, an exterior, and an interior part, separated by a Plastic-like material that does not conduct heat or cold.

This makes Modern Aluminum Windows very Energy Efficient, minimizing Thermal Gains or Losses in Extreme Climates.

5. Suitable for Residencial, Storefronts, and Curtainwalls

Aluminum Windows and Doors are found worldwide in Residential and Commercial buildings, from low-cost housing to Luxury homes and buildings.

Aluminum  Windows and Doors are the preferred material for use in Condominiums, Multi-Family Apartment Buildings, high-rise apartments, Modern Homes, and Commercial/Retail buildings.

6. Recyclable Material

Aluminum is easy to recycle. Old Windows and Doors and the waste from the manufacturing process are all easily recycled into other products, making Aluminum Environmentally-friendly.

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