What type of windows should you choose for your remodeling Project? Should you opt for aluminum, or Modern Wood windows? PVC or fiberglass? The questions go on and on, and in order to come up with a decent answer, you must first understand the pros and cons of each choice.

Today, we take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of choosing Modern wood windows for your home.

Timber windows will certainly add that old-timer, whimsical look to a home, but are they really the best practical choice? Let’s see.

What are the benefits of modern wood windows?

Considered by some to be a purely aesthetic choice, wood windows (and doors) actually hold their own quite well, when compared to other materials. Wood windows won’t just make your home fashionable in a traditional, old-school sense.

1) They offer good insulation:

There’s a reason why in the old days, wood was the go-to choice of material for windows and doors, and it wasn’t just availability. The reason why modern wood makes such a good insulating material is that it’s a poor conductor of heat, meaning it doesn’t carry extreme temperatures all that well. Which, in the case of building a home, is actually excellent news, because you don’t want to feel every icy gust of wind in your house.

This is one way in which wood windows are actually preferable to aluminum windows, since metal is generally a good conductor of heat (meaning if it’s cold outside, it’ll get colder indoors). That’s not to say aluminum windows are bad, just that they will require extra insulation, to offer the same thermal protection as wood does.

2) They block out sound:

There’s nothing nicer than kicking back in your own home, enjoying a nice cup of tea. And probably the last thing you want to hear at that moment is your neighbor’s latest home repair, or their noisy dog, or a car backfiring.

That’s another reason to pick wood as your window frame material of choice. Because of its natural density, wood is actually a pretty good sound insulation, as well. It acts as a natural barrier, rejecting the sound outward, rather than allowing it to permeate into the home (this is also why many concert halls and recording studios use Modern wood windows in their construction – it offers refined acoustics).

Bear in mind, however, that while sturdy, wood windows won’t be completely soundproof, though they will offer a good level of insulation against external noise.

3) They’re durable:

Wood is a natural material that people have been using in home construction for centuries – so what better proof could you ask for of wood’s durability? Wood windows will survive most types of natural adversity (rain, snow, strong wind, etc.), especially if maintained well.

That’s another advantage of installing wood windows – since wood is a flexible material, it allows for repairs. Meaning that if you encounter a small problem with your Modern Wood window frame, you won’t need to replace the whole thing, rather just perform specific repairs. If maintained properly, wood windows can last for decades, and still provide the insulating, soundproofing benefits they had when they were first installed.

4) They’re welcoming, and aesthetically pleasing:

As we saw earlier, one of the biggest reasons why you should choose wood windows for your home is the unique look. There are few window-frame materials as aesthetically pleasing as wood, simply because it’s such a classy, elegant material.

In fact, wood is such a good material for doors and windows that you will see other materials (like PVC) imitating the look of timber. However, while that may offer some comfort in the aesthetics department, it won’t provide you with the many other benefits of actual timber.

Your choice for window-frame material should also depend on the house you’re living in. For instance, older, more stately homes can’t really be fitted with PVC windows, aesthetically speaking. Those are properties that can only maintain their unique charm with Modern wood windows. And after all, what’s the point of paying for the beauty of an old, stately house, if you’re not going to preserve that look?

5) They’re versatile:

Timber is a great material for window and door frames due to its versatility. You can paint wood in so many different shades and models, so as to achieve a limitless number of looks. With wood, you’re not just getting a one-look-fits-all treatment, as you would be with aluminum or PVC.

Rather, here, you get to customize your windows and doors, and achieve a look that represents the people within. Which, let’s face it, is what the exterior of a house should do, in the first place.

6) They’re surprisingly easy to maintain:

One common misconception about wood windows is that they are difficult to maintain, and that, unlike metal or PVC, they will give you quite a headache. Well, to be fair, it’s true that when improperly insulated and treated, wood frames are more susceptible to damage, or to pests.

However, there are ways to prevent that. By applying a proper, durable wood sealant, your Modern wood windows should be as good and resistant as any other material. The only maintenance you’ll need to apply after that is a light clean (a soft cloth, and a little washing soap, or special wood soap should do the trick). But presumably, you’d clean any other window type, as well, so wood windows really aren’t that different.

7) They’re budget-friendly:

We know that wood windows actually get a lot of hate because their installation is more expensive than that of a PVC window, for instance. However, when designing your home, you’re putting in work for the coming decades, and you should keep that in mind, when designing a budget.

While wood windows may cost a little more than other materials in the beginning, they are also a lot more durable than those materials. Properly cared for, a wood window frame will last a lot longer than an aluminum or a PVC frame. So while you may pay less for one of those, they will need to be replaced sooner than a wood frame would, so they’d actually cost you more in the long-run.

8) They’re eco-friendly:

Since wooden frames are made out of wood (obviously), they’re a renewable material. As long as we plant trees to replace the ones cut down to make these frames, you’ve got an endless stream of wood windows and doors, which can’t be said about other materials.

What about the disadvantages?

Surely, there must be some negative aspects to wood windows and doors… right? Well, a couple.

1) You need to keep an eye out for insects:

Since termites and other pests are attracted to humid wood, you need to protect your window frames more than you would other materials. However, it usually suffices to paint over your wood frame with a little water-repellent sealant (to prevent humidity).

2) They may swell up:

Once again, that’s the effect of water. You may have noticed that some older wood windows are a little difficult to open or close. That’s because water exposure has caused the wood to swell. However, modern wood frames will come pre-coated with a special water-sealant, to prevent swelling, so this shouldn’t be a problem.

3) They do cost more in the beginning:

While it’s true that you’ll be forking out a little more cash when installing the wood window or door frames, it’s a worthwhile investment, as we’ve seen above.

Are Modern wood windows right for you?

At the end of the day, that will depend on you – everything from budget to the style of your home will play a role in this decision. However, one thing can be clearly asserted – the benefits of wood windows far outweigh the disadvantages.

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