The Ultimate Guide to Door Renovations: Benefits, Design Ideas, and Things to Know

Door renovations enhance the interior and exterior of your home. Whether you are looking for swing doors for your patio or a terrace, wood front doors, or fiberglass entry doors, there are plenty of opportunities to change up your style. Similar to windows, door and door fixtures are the tell-tale signs of a home’s age. […]

Everything You Need to Know About Modern Front Doors

A front door can transform your home and drastically boost its curb appeal. Compared to other home renovations, front doors are generally budget-friendly, quick projects that offer significant results. The modern door has been in high demand for decades, but plenty of other trends have emerged in recent years. Contrary to popular belief, modern front […]

How Modern Black Window Frames Can Transform Your Home

Black windows have become a prominent trend in new home construction and home renovations. In the past, most homeowners would opt for a traditional white. However, recent years have shown a growing appeal for bold black frames that visually stand out. Black windows embody a timeless classic look combined with modern farmhouse design architecture. Top […]