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The idea for WindowsByWeb was born years ago by a couple of industry insiders, as we saw the changing landscape with new complexities that were difficult to understand for an average consumer. Window and Door designs have become more technical as new options and choices continued to emerge.
Consumers wanted to be empowered and better informed. Sustainability and energy efficiency have become a greater factor in the decision-making process. Yet, the typical sales process has not advanced with the changing market conditions and consumer needs. Consumers wanted products that met their requirements and budgets rather than what was more convenient or would earn a higher commission for a local salesperson.
Of course, the industry has changed, and there are plenty of online tools and information that allow someone to even order windows and doors online. However, those tools and websites are typically run by either manufacturers or dealers that naturally want to sell their products.

So, what makes us different?

WindowsByWeb uses its proprietary configurator and an extensive database of various products and manufacturers to educate consumers on their options, guide through a selection process and match them with only those product and service providers that have precisely what is required and desired.